We extend our sincere love, thoughts and prayers to everyone and their families at this terrible time.

With regret we confirm what many of you will have suspected - the 10th England International Tango Festival is cancelled due to Corona Virus pandemic.

3 weeks ago we were on schedule and just about to go on sale. At the time the global and UK situation was nowhere near the scale of today but we already had some concerns regarding health and wellbeing for all Festival participants, their associates and the staff/students at School venue. Particularly since we had artists flying in from 8 different countries (including S.Korea and Italy). We also know from previous festivals that attendees visit from as many as 10-15 other countries.

So we decided to hold off launching the on-sale window until situation 'improved'. Like many we were ‘hoping for the best but preparing for the worst'. Like many, none of us can have imagined the scale of how bad the situation has become or how bad the worst will likely still get.

We apologise to all of our wonderful loyal dancers and the many new ones planning to join us from across UK and Europe. We truly value your support, patience and understanding. We hope by holding off from going ‘on-sale' we have avoided too much difficulty and complexity for you.

We thank the many wonderful Artists and Maestros booked to attend from all over the world. As ever, you have been gracious and professional at all times. Plus of course we thank the wonderful people at Tonbridge School and in our partner hotels.

Organizing an International Festival is tough, cancelling is even tougher - but you have all been fantastic.

We hope and pray brighter days will soon come. As maestro Gavito famously said ‘Tango Waits'.

Tango has survived many hardships and will always come back strong. Eventually the clouds will lift, ‘Happy Tango' will return and we will all hug again - even closer.

Meantime please take care of yourselves and each other.

Love from
The England International Tango Festival Team