(minimum level Improver. Combines what was previously called 'all level' and 'improver')
At least 4-6 Months Regular Tango

(minimum level Intermediate. Combines 2 levels at previous Festival:Intermediate + Beyond Intermediate) 
At least 2-3 Years Regular Tango

ADVANCED (minimum level Advanced)
At least 4 Years Regular Tango

BEGINNER (Total Beginner or Very New) - This level we recommend the Beginners BootCamp or Monday Night Tango weekly classes (www.tangobootcamp.co.uk)


At our festivals, we promote 'happy tango' with fun learning and no snootiness or elitism. There will always be a strong programme of tuition for you whatever your level and social events where everyone comes together and happily share the same floor.

However, for tuition we believe it  incredibly important and insist that students select tuition at their appropriate level. This is based on effectiveness of teaching and continual feedback from attendees.

We offer clear guidance and clarification for levels. Please see grid below to help you to select the appropriate level of tuition.
There are 3 general levels of tuition:  All Levels (previously Improver), Intermediate & Beyond, and Advanced.

- It is fine for someone at a higher level (see grid below) to take workshops of a lower level ie to brush up on something.
- In fairness to yourselves, other dancers and the teachers PLEASE DON'T put yourself in a higher level of tuition than your ability/experience.

Teachers have been requested to design and teach classes aimed at the advertised level, not at the lowest level within the room.

-If Booking as a couple, BOTH partners must be at the correct minimum level for theworkshop. If you aren't at the correct minimum level, it isn't possible to book with a more experienced partner who will 'look after you'

- In tango, and especially after Covid, everyone is at a different stage of their journey and miles on the clock is still probably the best general guidance for level suitability.

We know that it is not foolproof and there will always be the odd exception but for general guidance it is the criteria we use.