Why was this Year's event (May 2017) not at Ardingly? 

Unfortunately after 6 happy years of hosting the Festival at Ardingly College it was no longer possible for us to do so. The school set strict new curfew restrictions on nighttime activities which mean that we cannot run Milongas. There are many academic and ancilliary support staff permanently resident on-site year round and the new Headmaster decided that they deserved peace and quiet during their half term break. These curfews apply not just to our Festival but for any event held at the school whether in term time or school holidays. It is extremely disappointing and we tried very hard to get them to make an exception. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful and have to respect their decision. We thank them for being wonderful hosts for 6 years and will treasure some amazing memories at Ardingly College.  


Why was  this Year's event (May 2017) event a Smaller Festivalito? 

We have tried to secure an equivalent Ardingly Replacement venue for May 2017 to host our full large scale Festival. Unfortunately the majority of suitable and affordable alternatives were already booked. We also suffered a close family bereavement at the start of the year and for many weeks Festival Organisation was not a priority. We had a number of teachers and artists on hold and a few weeks ago we reached a point where we either had to completely cancel 2017 or adjust the event to make it smaller to fit our regular fantastic Brighton/Hove venue. Thankfully Ralli Hall was available  at short notice and we believe we have managed to bring together many of the elements which you love about the festival in a smaller format/venue.

Will the Regular Large-Scale Festival Return? 

Yes indeed. We already have made good progress in securing a New largescale venue for 2018 and are already planning that Festival. A number of the Artists are already lined up.  So please keep May 25-28 2018 in your diary for the Fullscale return of England International Tango Festival.




When does the event go On Sale?

We will go on-sale Monday April 10. That is when we will upload the booking form to the website. Please do not try and book anything before then. All bookings need to be made on the booking form.   


How much does the event cost?

There is no set ticket price or package. The event is designed to be totally modular and bespoke. You simply book and choose the individual elements you require (eg workshops, milongas).


Are there any earlybirds or discount windows?
We follow the principle of the more you book & the earlier you book the more you will save.
There are 3 price windows April 10-April 30 (best prices), May 1 - May 26 (still savings), On Door (no-savings).

Workshops: You can save money by booking a number of workshops. The more you book the more you save. Please note that there are less workshops at the Festivalito and the teaching rooms have smaller capacity. Therefore they may sellout quicker than at Ardingly!

Milonga Pass: There is a very good value Milonga Pass which covers all the 4 Milongas and Daytime Dancing. This will also have an additional short earlybird discount window.

Individual Milonga Tickets: You can buy individual tickets at a Discounted April Price, then prices will rise in May. We do not know if there will be tickets available on the door (Milongas at previous festivals have all sold out in advance) 

How do I Book?

You simply complete the booking form listing your requirements and send it to us. We will process your booking form and then send you payment details.

Is there a Beginners BootCamp?

Due to the smaller scale of 2017 event, there is no Beginners BootCamp. Recent Beginners can do Improver level workshops. For total Beginners, the next Beginners BootCamp will be held at Herstmonceux Castle July 22/23. It is already on sale and you can book here http://www.tangobootcamp.co.uk/


Do I need to book with a Partner?

For the vast majority of workshops in 2017 (improver, intermediate,) NO partner will be required and frequent rotations will be encouraged. Couples can choose to stay fixed but it isn’t essential.
We aim to make our event as inclusive as possible and recognise that there are many of you who have no regular dance partner.

For Advanced level workshops only, couples will be required to stay fixed. This was introduced 2 years ago and was well received by students and teachers.  Any single bookers will be gender balanced and will need to partner and stay fixed with another single booker  from opposite gender. This can be done on the day or preferably in advance. The more proactive you are, the more likely you will be to find someone you will enjoy being fixed with if you are doing Advanced Level workshops. Feel free to use the facebook event to find potential Advanced Level booking partners.

Are the Workshops Gender Balanced?
Yes, our intention is for 100% gender balance on all workshops. If during the booking process a workshop becomes imbalanced we introduce a wait list or stop booking for the oversubscribed gender. In all previous festivals we stopped booking many workshops some time in advance.  So especially if you are a single female booker, you need to book early!  

Sometimes due to illness or more frequently due to the booked participant simply not showing up (tiredness, laying in sun, oversleeping) we end up with an imbalance. So this year we will encourage all bookers to only book what they definitely plan to attend. In 2017 we will again have a team of our crew taxi dancers on hand to plug any unforeseen gaps.

Workshop Levels – Why are they important?
We run a very tolerant, inclusive festival and welcome anyone from a day one beginner to a 20 year+ veteran. However, everyone in tango is at a different stage of the journey and it is important you honestly recognise where you are on that journey to get maximum benefit. 
So if you are intermediate level, our intermediate workshops will be designed to challenge and stretch you AT THAT LEVEL. Please don’t jump a level, ‘because I want to be challenged!’. Rather than 'be challenged' at the next level up, you will 'become a challenge’ – to the teachers who will be teaching to a higher minimum level and any dancers you dance with in that workshop. 

Also if you book any workshops as a couple, BOTH participants MUST be at the required minimum level. It doesn’t matter that your partner might be at the higher level and ‘will look after you’  - at our festival we don’t allow it – sorry. It places unnecessary stress on the teachers who because they are nice people, still feel obliged to manage down because they don’t want people getting lost. If your partner is of a higher level there is of course no problem them doing workshops with you at your correct level.

Sorry for the long rant but people taking workshops that they are not yet ready for is the biggest cause of workshop dissatisfaction and frustration. It is something we get complaints about every year but we can’t fix it unless everyone plays their part. So, in fairness to the teachers, other participants and yourself, we absolutely insist that every participant in every workshop must be at the required minimum level. We really want to avoid any misunderstanding, stress or embarrassment and ensure that everyone gets as much from the workshops as possible.



Apart from Tango Workshops + Milongas - what else is going on at the Festivalito?
-DAYTIME DANCING: Practica room plus alfresco dancing if weather allows

- FOOD : The venue is very close to a great pub and there are many bars and cafes within a few minutes walk. There is also a Tesco's Metro directly opposite. 
- BAR Of course we have a bar for the Milongas :) 
- HOVE/BRIGHTON TOWNS SHOPS + SEAFRONT - All very walkable from the venue
Is there a Facebook event?
Yes we have a facebook event page where all latest updates are posted. Add yourself to the facebook event as 'Going'   . You will then be immediately notified of important Festival updates. Of course we’d love you to share the event with friends as well.